Cornish Tin: The Great Wheal Vor Project

Our first and flagship project is The Great Wheal Vor group of 26 former producing tin and copper mines in the Mining District of Breage, Cornwall, UK.

Described in 1929 as “the richest in tin of all the Cornish mines, probably the richest tin mine which has ever been worked in the world” (Hamilton Jenkin, writing in 1929).

By grade, if being mined today, it could be in the top 3 tin mines in the world. Our mineral rights cover all minerals and aggregates, including tin, copper, lithium, tungsten and geothermal energy.

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Why Tin?

Did you know that tin is the metal most impacted by new technology?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) analysis for Rio Tinto in 2018 identified tin as the metal most likely to be positively impacted by the electric vehicle and energy storage revolution, with other key drivers of demand being advanced robotics, computation, climate change and the Technology of Things
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Latest News

Media Coverage

Cornish Tin's Sally Norcross-Webb says Cornwall could retake its place as Europe’s leading tin producer

She's spearheading fundraising of approximately £1.8m to fund the Phase 1 drilling programme and working capital, with the aim of producing a mineral resource estimate "as soon as possible."
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27 Jul 2021

Media Coverage

Drilling to start at Cornwall's 'richest tin mine'

Cornish Tin has been given permission to drill at 'one of the most important mining areas in Europe'
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26 Jul 2021

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