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Our green future needs sustainably produced minerals, and Cornish Tin is aiming to revive The Great Wheal Vor group of mines, powered by clean energy.

  • Described in 1929 as “the richest in tin of all the Cornish mines, probably the richest tin mine which has ever been worked in the world”
    (Hamilton Jenkin, writing in 1929)
  • In the mid 19th century production grades averaged 3.5% tin, peaking at over 5.5% tin: very few tin mines today operate at more than 1.00% tin
  • Rights to extract all minerals, including: tin, copper, lithium, tungsten and geothermal energy, subject to economic considerations along with mining, environmental and other permits
  • Tin price was driven to an all-time high in 2021
  • The mines closed 150 years ago following a mineral rights dispute, however they were still producing tin at that time
  • After 5 years legal work, Cornish Tin has secured all necessary mineral rights to proceed
  • Planning consent for Phase 1 drilling operations granted
  • Fully permitted Phase 1 drilling program aiming to start in April 2022
  • A private placing in 2021 quickly closed at £1.9 million but we have reserved some equity to offer the investment opportunity more widely, to include local and smaller investors, ahead of the commencement of drilling
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Leadership Team

Sally Norcross-Webb

CEO and Founder

“With successful exploration, the Great Wheal Vor mines could become a net zero carbon operation, providing sustainably produced minerals from the heart of Cornwall, revitalising a deep-rooted heritage through low impact, high yield technology, powered by sustainable energy. This is the first step in our wider strategy to help drive forward the green mining revolution, and build sustainable production of the critical metals essential for the electrification of the global economy”

Sally Norcross-Webb, March 2022

Clive Newall

Chairman and Founder

“Our quest is to build a supply of sustainably produced critical metals essential for the decarbonisation of our planet, and also for the benefit of Cornwall and the United Kingdom. The Great Wheal Vor project is just the first step in our effort to achieve this goal. It will be exciting to see if we can write the next chapter in the history of the famous Great Wheal Vor mines, but this time powered by clean energy for our green future.”

Clive Newall, March 2022

Surging Demand For Tin in The Green Tech Revolution

Tin is a vital component in advanced electronics: electric vehicles, sustainable energy sources, computers, smartphones, robotics...

Increasing global demand for tin in green technologies has driven the tin price to an all-time high.

In fact, the tin price has more than doubled in the last 12 months.

The world desperately needs more tin, to enable the electrification of our global economy and a greener future. Our vision is a circular economy for critical minerals within the UK, powered by clean energy, as a driving force in our fight against climate change.

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