Cornish Tin 'all set' for drilling plans to commence at Great Wheal Vor Project - Video Interview with Clive Newall and Sally Norcross-Webb

Cornish Tin's Clive Newall, Chairman and Founder, and Sally Norcross-Webb, CEO and Founder join Proactive London's Katie Pilbeam to talk about the Great Wheal Vor Project near Breage in Cornwall, UK. 

The project comprises a group of 26 former producing tin mines last operated in the 1800s, described in 1929 by the mining commentator Hamilton Jenkin as, "probably the richest tin mine which has ever been worked in the world”.

Historic production grades were exceptionally high, averaging over 3% Sn (tin) and peaking at over 5.5% Sn. By grade, if being mined today, it could be in the top 3 tin mines in the world.

Sally Norcross-Webb and Clive Newall - interviewed by Katie Pilbeam

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