Cornish Tin's Sally Norcross-Webb says Cornwall could retake its place as Europe’s leading tin producer

Cornish Tin Limited is a Cornwall based mineral exploration company advancing The Great Wheal Vor Project. It has rights to explore for and extract all minerals and aggregates including tin, lithium, copper, tungsten, and geothermal energy.

Back in 1929 the mining commentator Hamilton Jenkin described the project as “the richest in tin of all the Cornish mines, probably the richest tin mine which has ever been worked in the world.”

Almost a century on, chief executive Sally Norcross-Webb is confident, with further investment, Cornwall could "retake its place as Europe’s leading tin producer."

She's spearheading fundraising of approximately £1.8m to fund the Phase 1 drilling programme and working capital, with the aim of producing a mineral resource estimate "as soon as possible."

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